Monday, 21 May 2018

Monday's RSU: May 21st

Welcome to Monday's RSU. Every Monday I share an update of my reading status - what book (or books) I finished since last Monday, what book I am currently reading and what I am planning on reading next. 

Just Finished:

  More Than Meets the Eye  Love Lace and Minor Alterations

Currently Reading: 
A Most Noble Heir

Reading Next:
Perilous Riptide

What are you books are you currently reading or have recently enjoyed?

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Jane Reviews: Lake of the Cross by LD Stauth

Series: A Campground Mystery #2
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: Word Alive Press
Released: April 11, 2018
277 pages
About the Book:
Tumbling waterfalls, white pelicans, and sweet serenity were just a few of the reasons Karly Foster became a park naturalist. But when rumours of an unsolved murder surface and a friend mysteriously disappears, Karly’s world becomes anything but peaceful. Then, as if she needed her tranquility shattered further, her ex-boyfriend, Blake, literally flies back into her life.

Blake Fenton, the owner of Wilderness Bush Adventures, can’t believe it. Was that really Karly Foster he’d just flown to the Aspen Ridge Emergency, suffering from heat stroke? After three years, she has gotten even more beautiful … if that were possible. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that flying sparks between him and his feisty former flame could leave nasty burns. Again.

Then Blake makes a horrifying discovery, and strange and terrifying events begin to unfold. As Blake wrestles with fear for Karly’s safety and confusion over his feelings for her, his wilderness-guide friend, Henry, implores him to seek God for answers. For centuries, God has been revealing Himself to the locals in Henry’s remote community—in a very unusual way.

When Blake and Karly join forces to compete in the No Trace Canoe Race, they find themselves fighting, not just to win, but to stay alive. Because someone has committed murder in the campground, and the killer’s sights have turned on them.

Do Blake and Karly have a future together? Or will this moment, when they have finally found each other again, be the last one they ever share?
Lake of the Cross Quote 1

My Rating & Thoughts:    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟    (5 stars)

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. After finishing Ms. Stauth’s debut novel and book 1 of this series last year (Stormy Lake) I immediately added book 2 to my wish list. The banter between Karly and Blake hooked me in the first book and I was really hoping that we would get to spend more time with them in the next book and my wish came true. In this book they are the main players and we get to get inside their minds and find out what makes them who they are.

The prologue sucks you right in, easily connecting you with Karly & Blake and kept me reading to find out if my hopes for them were going to come true. Every time things look promising something gets in the way either physically or emotionally. I did not want to put the book down.

All the characters felt real and each one was unique, no two felt the same. I especially enjoyed Henry, his teasing of Blake and his sense of humor were entertaining. But he also had some really deep moments that add to the story. I have mixed feelings toward Harrison, there were times I liked him but there were times he annoyed me. And don’t get me started on Raven, each time I began to feel for her she goes and does something that takes all that feeling away. Her attitude annoyed me.

As much as I loved the characters I loved that the whole story kept me guessing, who is behind all the strange events and what is their motive? I had not suspected the person who turned out to be the villain as the guilty party, but once it was revealed and I got thinking about it I began to piece together the little hints that had been provided and it all became obvious to me. I enjoyed that I wasn’t able to figure it out ahead of time.
This story was very well written. Descriptions that make you feel like you are in the midst of everything, characters you want to cheer for, intrigue and suspense that keeps you guessing, and the sharing of God’s love in a natural way. I look forward to reading more by Ms. Stauth in the future. 
 Lake of the Cross Quote 2

 (I purchased my copy of this book; opinions expressed in this review
are my honest opinion and completely my own.)
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Friday, 18 May 2018

First Line Fridays (Week 53): Lake of the Cross

Happy Friday!

Welcome to First Line Friday's hosted by Hoarding Books.
Today's book is: Lake of the Cross by LD Stauth

Lake of the Cross
First Line:
"I don't know why Maya agreed to get married like this."

This book is written by a local author who released her debut novel last year. I really enjoyed book 1 and when I found out book 2 was being released I couldn't wait to read it. I am not much of an outdoorsy person but I loved the setting and descriptions in this book. This book was just as good as the first, I was not disappointed. My review for book 1, Stormy Lake can be found here. My review of this book will be live this Sunday.

Now it's your turn!
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Thursday, 17 May 2018

C Reviews: Dangerous Illusions by Irene Hannon

Series: Code of Honor # 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Revell
Released: October 3, 2017
386 pages
About the Book:
Trish Bailey is on overload trying to deal with a demanding job, an ailing mother, and a healing heart. When a series of unsettling memory lapses leads to a tragic death--and puts Trish under police scrutiny--her world is once again thrown into turmoil.

Detective Colin Flynn isn't certain what to think of the facts he uncovers during his investigation. Did Trish simply make a terrible mistake or is there more to the case than meets the eye? As he searches for answers, disturbing information begins to emerge--and if the forces at work are as evil as he suspects, the situation isn't just dangerous . . . it's deadly.

My Rating & Thoughts:    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟    (5 stars) 

I very much enjoyed this book. There were elements of suspense and intrigue, a developing romance as well as. The perspective of the case coming from the detectives as well as from the villain was interesting, while it still left opportunity to keep you guessing on what was really going on in the situation. There were enough clues given to figure it out - but not so many that it was too obvious. 

The situations that Trish dealt with were heartbreaking and I really like how her faith in God was shown and how she never wavered in her faith amidst her grief. 

Colin and Trish have a connection upon first meeting, even under terrible circumstances. Their relationship grows slowly through each of their interactions and Trish’s unwavering faith in God has an impact on Colin, who has been struggling in his relationship with God. 

I loved that Mac, from Irene Hannon’s Men of Valor series, made an appearance in this book also. The interactions between Mac and Collin made me laugh and smile several times. I also enjoyed the interactions between Collin and his childhood friends, the Treehouse Gang. I look forward to the next books in this series to learn more about Kristin and Rick. 

There was one element that I kept on wondering when it would be picked back up and it never was. I thought it would end up being a help to the detectives in what was going on, but it never really was mentioned again. While the ending of the book was not one that had all of the loose ends neatly tied up as may have been expected in a traditional way, there was a conclusion to all of the storylines and it seemed realistic. I did finish the book wondering if there will be a little bit of a continuation there in the next book in this series?


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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Jane Reviews: Primary Suspect by Laura Scott + Giveaway

LI Blog Tour
Feel comforted and at peace when you read these uplifting romances of faith, forgiveness and hope from Love Inspired. There are 12 new books each month! 6 from Love Inspired for those who love contemporary romance and 6 from Love Inspired Suspense who like some danger with their romance stories.


Series: Callahan Confidential #5
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: Love Inspired
Released: May 6, 2018
224 pages
About the Book:
When fire investigator Mitch Callahan is attacked at a crime scene, he’s shocked to uncover the body of a slain ex-girlfriend—and realize someone’s framing him for murder. Widowed ER nurse Dana Petrie believes Mitch is innocent, and not just because he makes her feel alive again after tragedy marred her past. But is she willing to risk everything only to love and lose again?

Primary Suspect Quote 1
My Rating & Thoughts:    🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟    (4 stars)
I was hooked from the first scene. Who attached Mitch and why? The suspense kept me guessing and trying to figure out how everything connected. The danger that Mitch and Dana were in had me on the edge of my seat, would they ever be safe? They are constantly on the run while trying to figure everything out, reminding me so much of the movie the fugitive (which I enjoyed).
I loved that Mitch’s faith did not waver and he was able to help Dana rediscover hers. He may not be in law enforcement like the rest of his family, but he is focused on finding answers and protecting friends and family along the way. Dana is much stronger than she realizes, she is dragged into this by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but now that she is here she is determined to help Mitch. With the help of his brothers can they clear Mitch’s name and stop running?

The one thing that did bother me was how quickly the romance developed, I felt like they were just getting to know each other and then all of a sudden they are in love. I would have loved to have had their relationship developed a bit more before getting to this point.

This is book 5 in the Callahan Confidential series and I haven’t read the others, but I did not feel lost at all. In fact after meeting some of the Callahan family members I would love to go back and read about the other books to get to know Mitch’s siblings better.
Primary Suspect Quote 2

(I received a complimentary copy of this book from Love Inspired; opinions expressed in this review
are my honest opinion and completely my own.)

Laura Scott Bio

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